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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you overseas? email us to process activation. Thank you!

  • Q.Does keyword sms app work worldwide?

    A.es – it doesn’t matter if you have clients in the united states, australia or united kingdom
    Keyword sms app was built to support businesses globally

  • Q.Any monthly fees?

    A.No – no monthly fees at all so you can set your fees as a whitelabel with no overhead at all
    alongside that you can purchase as many short-codes and vanity numbers as you’d like.

  • Q.Any minimums?

    A.Yes – we have a small minimum of $50 per account this minimum keeps your account active
    So that you may also send to the list you build on our platform.

  • Q.Do you provide support?

    A.Yes – we provide support via email, ticket system and our mobile app which will enable you
    to strategize with us so you make the most out the platform.

  • Q.Does this work worldwide?

    A.Yes. You can advertise worldwide 100% programmatically scale countries Such as the UK, CAN, AUS and many others.

  • Q.Do you provide support?

    A.Yes. we have a ticket system you can use alternatively you can just email devsupport@redtorrentmedia.app. Tickets are answered in the order they come in.

  • Q.Can I charge for the whitelabel and take home 100%?

    A.Yes – on all our platforms including this one we pay you on the first and 2nd monday of every month whenever you make a withdrawal.

    We compensate via WIRE/CHECK directly to your bank account. Your charges will be made via the minimum we have set. For example: you can set your minimum to be $100 + a monthly fee you require say it’s $1,000. You client will pay your Fee’s and keeps his account funded at $100.

  • Q.What is the cost per vanity number?

    A.Yes – we do have a cost per vanity $1 doesn’t matter the keyword
    doesn’t matter the keyword the cost will always be the same.

  • Q.Do you charge per keyword?

    A.Yes – yes we do charge per keyword $5 you can use this keyword in association with
    you customer vanity number it is required as part of our process.

  • Q.What is the cost to send?

    A.Yes – we do have a cost to send at only 0.01 per send and inbox replies. It doesn’t matter if the list is say 20-1000 the cost will always be the same.