Red Torrent Media LLC 30-Day Refund Policy & Conditional Disclaimer

Please review before attempting to request a refund. We have set a few conditions that must be met before a refund is considered valid. We have taken these measure to better protect our users, community, business and digital products. We ask that you email us with any issues, request or concerns you may have. All cases are reviewed immediately latest 24 hours. After your case has been reviewed if we “Red Torrent Media LLC” find that you misused, illegally shared or filed a chargeback before attempting to contact us (we have all rights to add you to our network block list, partners will be informed along with any processors we currently use.) (If we find that you do not meet any of the conditions above you’ll be refunded instantly.) Make sure to contact us any time Monday-Fridays 9AM-5PM EST to have your case reviewed immediately. We truly appreciate your business here and want you to know that we are here to support you!