Red Torrent Media LLC - 6 Month Coaching (Invitation)

Congrats! If your on this page it’s because you’ve been personally invited to join our 6 month coaching program (opened to very few.) Take a minute to review everything included with our coaching tailored just for you!

I’d like to congratulate you on taking the first step toward becoming an official Red Torrent Media LLC student. As you already know this invitation to join our program is only by (invite only.) Lucky you’ve been selected to join our program.

Let me give you an overview on what comes with our coaching program:

(Before we get started I want to let you know that we TAILOR all of our training, assignments, recordings, sessions and meetings exclusively for you!) This means you don’t have to worry about any pre-composed coaching here.

Red Torrent Media LLC Members Portal -

We’ve built a premium members portal exclusively for you to work with us privately away from all distractions (ensuring that you get more work done effectively)

  • Communicate with your coaches daily…
  • Communicate with other like minded students inside the portal…
  • Easily complete given task, takes notes, view all tailored training for you…
  • On the go mobile app! Don’t need to stay in front of the computer all day…
  • Live Sessions On The Go! (And plenty of other robust features)

How long is the coaching? 6 months! 

We’ll be working together for the NEXT 6 months (optional 1 full year.)
Working on every part of your business ensuring you meet your goals.

Here’s is a detailed breakdown on what that entails:

✔️ Business Development

We’ll overlook your entire business and search of ANY flaws. And tailor sessions, videos and
Meetings covering these important aspects of your business that must be resolved immediately.

✔️ Every situation is unique

So even if you don’t want us to focus on your entire business. We can simply put the focus on
A specific area of your business that you’d like to perfect.

✔️ Business plan tailored for you

After overlooking your entire business we’ll put together an effective plan ensuring you 10 X
Your business in no time! As your coaches we’ll put together a (master plan) and deliver the plan exclusively to you. (Applying this plan is a breeze! We are around to support you)

✔️ Digital Marketing

We’ve been in the digital marketing space in its early stages and as you already know have proven results. (if required) we’ll share with you marketing strategies you can apply right away including advertising, branding and plenty more…

✔️ Digital Products

We’ve done 1000’s of sales in the digital product scene. If you’d like to make your focus digital
Product creation we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to get this done. And as part of the coaching we’ll be able to collaborate on your very first launch. We’ll also touch on topics such as joint venture partners, product creation, product development and plenty more.

✔️ Consulting 

Looking to focus on expanding your consulting business? Not a problem! Not only will we overlook your business. But we’ll also help you land more clients. We have coaches already on board crushing it in the consulting space that will gladly assist with that..

Meet Your Coach For The Next 6 Months!

Guillermo here!

I’m the president/ceo of Red Torrent Media LLC
(started of in New York City) Now based out of Dallas, Tx.

I own and operate a digital marketing platform now
helping over 20,000 Marketers worldwide in a
variety of different fields.

...I’ve taken a lot of the hits early on so you don’t
have to repeat them.

My word to you is that I will serve you not just as
your coach but as a mentor and lead ensuring
you 10x your business in no time.


Here's a snapshot of some of our sessions with students!

We like to look at ourselves as more of a family here...

It’s a passion of mine to be able to help people that actually want to be helped and take action. When my student charisse reached out to me she was just a nurse wanting a better life for her and her child. And I’m extremely blessed to be able to come into her life an support her through that journey. Not only is she almost at that finish line but now she about to launch her own local consulting company in a huge market. I’m extremely proud of you!

Red Torrent Media Student: Charisse Craig 

Robert Wilson out of the United Kingdom wanted to start a local marketing ad agency. I’m super happy I was able to help him reach that goal! In just a couple of weeks of hard work and dedication take a look at these impressive results.

Red Torrent Media Student: Robert Wilson

Sid Lloyd very ambitious local marketer from Atlanta came to us seeking improvement and growth. And after following our foot steps he managed to close a local contractor in just a couple of weeks (2 weeks to be exact) I’m super happy I got a chance to witness his growth.

Red Torrent Media Student: Sid Lloyd


Jonathan is a very good friend of mine out of the United Kingdom. He was also one of my favorite students to work with. Jonathan already had all the tools he needed to launch a successful product online. But he needed a second opinion and so he brought me on board guide and over look his launches. Today Jonathan is one of the most respected guys in the digital world today.

Red Torrent Medias Students: Jonathan Oshevire

I enjoy creating tangible products that are going to give people results. Andre, Derby & Maribel all had the same intentions. And I had the privilege of not just coaching but working very closely on product creation with this group of awesome marketers. These guys have gone off to launch their own products in various marketplaces successfully. If it’s one thing they all got from me is that you must do what you love and do it well in order to succeed.

Red Torrent Media Students: Derby Perez, Andre Tobar & Maribel Tobar

It's NOW decision making time! need I say more? I believe that if you succeed we all succeed as a unit. below you'll find 3 payment options choose 1 that works for you best. We have full pay, monthly pay and even year pay plans. I'm looking forward to working with you! and can't wait to see you on board.

Register below to become an official Red Torrent Media Student!

Full Pay 6 - Months (Recommended)
Full Pay 12 - Months (Optional)
Pre-Pay Monthly (2 Months)

Please note: after your payment we’ll be sending you our consulting agreement.
And to protect our privacy (including yours) we’ll be sending you a NDA to sign.

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