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Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • Q.Do you have a minimum per campaign?

    A.No Programmatic App doesn’t charge a fee per campaign. You can strategically run as many campaigns as you’d like in your town.

  • Q.What countries do you support?

    A.We currently support United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom And other parts of Europe which can be found inside our platform.

  • Q.How do you spend your budget?

    A.You can spend your budget by impressions or actual dollars based on what is available on the market in your state, city, town or country. All of this DATA will be disclosed to you prior to launching your campaign.

  • Q.What type of geographic targeting options do you have?

    A.We currently provide our users with a plethora of hyper local targeting options available in the digital billboard market Zip, DMA, POI, Neighborhood, State Including the ability to fence locations.

  • Q.Can you target audience types?

    A.Absolutely! We have 3rd party television networks that will allow you to target active furniture shoppers, Gas Shoppers, Vehicle Shoppers and plenty more.

  • Q.What types of locations can I target?

    A.Just about any location with ACTIVE device Stadiums, Events, Schools, Parking Lots And Neighborhoods for you to choose.

  • Q.Can we choose what time of the day to run our campaigns?

    A.Yes! We allow users to tailor timing by day, part or day of the week.

  • Q.Any restrictions when it comes to creatives?

    A.None at all! you can choose to run your ads by all sorts of image sizes including video, audio and plenty others (plenty flexibility.)

  • Q.Can we choose which network we want to run with?

    A.Yes you can choose from over 500 + networks on the digital side on the cable side it’s automated and networks/times are sorted for you in advance.

  • Q.Do you have monthly options for the white label?

    A.OPTION 2 2 Pay Option 

    OPTION 3 3 Pay Option

    Option 4 4 Pay Option


  • Q.How do we get paid on the white label?

    A.You’ll be paid on the first and 2nd of each month by Red Torrent Media LLC. This isn’t tax free and all forms will be submitted to you PRIOR to any funds being disbursed.

  • Q.What features does the white label come with?

    A.The white label comes with the ability for you to set your own TOP UP, MIN FOR CAMPAIGNS, COLORS PRIMARY & SECONDARY, LOGO, RESERVED URL and STATS! so you can see all activity on your end.