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Programmatically Advertise On over 7,500 Podcast, 1.5K Radio Stations PLUS Access 100M Monthly Listeners!

Please Note: All Pricing Includes ZERO MONTHLY + LIFETIME ACCESS!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you overseas? email us to process activation. Thank you!

  • Q.I’m new. Would this work for me?

    A.Our platform works for anyone looking to advertise on radio.
    We suggest going over our training before setting up your first campaign.

  • Q.Any minimums per campaign?

    A.No. We do not charge a minimum per campaign. You can actually start with a small budget and split it between multiple campaigns.

  • Q.As a white-label do I take 100% on all my accounts?

    A.Yes. We don’t touch or take any of your funded accounts. Upon request A pay-out we’ll wire or send you a check directlya

  • Q.I’m new in space would this work for me?

    A.You can access 7,500 podcasts and 1.5k streaming radio stations. Some of our stations include iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Univision and many others.

  • Q.Does this work worldwide?

    A.Yes. You can advertise worldwide 100% programmatically scale countries Such as the UK, CAN, AUS and many others.

  • Q.Do you provide support?

    A.Yes. we have a ticket system you can use alternatively you can just email devsupport@redtorrentmedia.app. Tickets are answered in the order they come in.

  • Q.What’s the difference between premium campaigns and audio campaigns?

    A.Premium campaigns allow us to monitor your campaign for better success Minimums are $250. Now if you choose the audios campaign you’ll set-up you campaign with 100% detailed full control.

  • Q.Do we get our own white-label links?

    A.We understand the importance of branding for our users. So with our white-label Link you’ll get both a log-in/admin and user registration link + monitoring. So you can see who’s topped up and who hasn’t.