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Run Mobile Device ID/GEOFencing Ads On Any Android & Apple Phone APP + Desktop News/Blog Sites Programmatically!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.What is the minimum to run campaigns?

    A.We have a low minimum of $25 this amount goes
    toward the networkAnd $25 for DEVICE ID APP.
    50% of that amount is used toward your ad campaign.

  • Q.Can we target mobile device IDs?

    A.Yes you can target as many ids as you
    want with ZERO restrictions. Simply
    create a list UPLOAD/done.

  • Q.Can I use email instead?

    A.Yes you can use cold, warm or hot
    emails for you to target. But we still
    recommend that you clean up your data.

  • Q.Will my ads show in apps or websites?

    A.Yes you can select where you want
    your ads to show. If you choose mobile
    Most of your ads will be displayed IN-APPS
    if you choose desktop yours will show on
    NATIVE mobile possibly desktop sites.

  • Q.Do you offer reseller licensing?

    A.For reseller inquiries you can email support@deviceid.app.
    Although it isn’t offered with this platform you can inquire
    via email.

  • Q.What type of content can we promote?

    A.No Adult Content / Gambling – You can
    run all types of ads just keep away
    From casino, adult type ads.

  • Q.Can we target local areas?

    A.Yes you can target local areas with
    NO IDS/EMAILS selected. If you prefer
    To run branding type ads you can choose
    small towns, cities or states.

  • Q.What types of ad creatives?

    A.You can run display, video and
    standards ads (as shown in the demo.)

  • Q.How many exchanges are connected to the platform (exact amount) ?

    A.We are connected to 40 exchanges over
    100,000 publishers. PRIME is being added
    this week for users to use as well.

  • Q.Any monthly fees?

    A.No currently the platform is a one-time fee.
    Saving you $10 (but won’t stay this way for long.)