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Offer Pay Per Call Services To Any Business! Add Your Logo, Charge A Fee, Private URL Log-In, Tracker And Call Recording!


  • Q.Can I charge any amount?

    A.Yes! You can charge any amount you want whenever you want.

  • Q.Can I add my own logo?! You can add your logo so the client can see it at log-in and
    Inside the portal.

  • Q.Can the client track all activity?

    A.Yes! They can track the number called, conversation recordings, fee deducted, duration, time stamp.

  • Q.Do they get a log-in link?

    A.Yes! But you’ll have to set them up in advance. Then you can send them the
    Link directly.

  • Q.What’s our fee?

    A.Your fee will always be WHOLESALE $0.02, you can charge any amount you’d
    Like it all depends on the vertical.

  • Q.Can clients see the total cost?

    A.Yes! They can see the total amount they’ve paid.

  • Q.Can they add funds on their own?

    A.Yes! They can add ANY AMOUNT no restrictions.

  • Q.Do I have to buy the number?

    A.Yes they are renting from you. You fee is $2 (never changes) you’ll make that back per call. Keep in mind we don’t charge a ridiculously monthly fee.

  • Q.When does call lightning pay?

    A.We pay you fridays at 3PM EST. You just need to make sure you’ve made at least $100 or more. We pay on a weekly basis. So lets get to work!!! 🙂
    If I need help will you support? our PAY PER CALL members are top priority!