August 13th @2PM EST (THURSDAY)

You’ll be able to run advertisements to Google Play/Apple Store Users
Using device ids or emails!

Don’t have the device ID? via our network/exchange partner you can use emails
to find them and run advertisements such as native/search video, carousel and standard ads.

100% focused on DEVICE IDS…

(This means your lead doesn’t need to be logged into any wifi-network…)

To deliver your ads our platform/traffic exchange partner DSP uses IDFA short for
Identifier for advertiser (this is how they track your device for ads…)

These identifiers are set by both companies APPLE and GOOGLE…

This allows advertisers run ads to the device IDs connected to the Google Play Store
and APPLE store users. LASER targeted! So your ads show to the right people at
the right time with your right offer.

Companies like XBOX360, TECH CRUNCH, HUFFPOST and major airliners are
on the same exact device id exchange actively running advertisements!

(On the webinar you’ll not only discover how it all works…)

Discover how Google Play/Apple Store track users using device IDS.
ZERO needs to use a network connection.

Why companies like XBOX360, TECH CRUNCH, HUFFPOST are all scaling
This ad technology not just to publish content but for lead generation.

Ways you can scale MOBILE IDs advertisements for your own agency including
Pay Per Call, Traffic, Lead Gen and for your own clients…

We compare what other networks are doing and how it compares to device
ID advertisements (including GEO-targets using device GPS…)

That’s not all…

We understand how important is as consultants to not only get your ads out
There but most importantly GENERATE A RESPONSE.

This is why we wanted to share this technology with you!
Because it is PROVEN to work and the response is massive.

…This is just another awesome technology ready to be explored by you!

JOIN US AUG 13th @2PM EST seats will surely be flooded.

Guillermo –