There are a couple things you won’t leave your house without…
Your phone, wallet and the keys.

For 2020 the number of smartphone users in the United States is an
estimated 275.66 million.

(…205 billion downloads for both Apple/Android combined)

As desktop search continues to decline dependent on NETWORK/IPS,
Mobile devices provide an array of data points and flexibility for the user.

Mobile phones provide marketers with a unique view into user behaviours,
frequently visited locations, home, work, habits, interest and more.

Device ID/GEO-Fencing technology is extremely expensive to come by.
This is why many choose traditional outlets such as Google, Bing and Facebook.

…Traditional outlets restrict, expensive and aren’t built for Device ID/GEO-Fencing
Making it difficult to run campaigns directly to selected device ids.

…But not anymore

We teamed up with a private exchange with over 40 traffic exchanges built-in!

The exchange we teamed up currently runs major campaigns for the following
Uber, MGM, Pizza Hut, CBS, Walmart, BMW, Red Bull and Southwest Airlines.

900 BILLION impressions served.
Millions of conversions logged daily.
Cost effective.

Plethora of targeting options.

Video – You can run video advertisements in any mobile app
Carousel – Run clickable/spinning carousel banners across
Standard – Run Link/Individual banner based ads

(CPM/CPC models)

We provide you with 2 options for targeting both DEVICE ID…
And if you don’t have the ID you can find it using email.

(Giving you all the control your campaign needs…) with ZERO restrictions.

Ready to run your first Device/GEO-fence campaign? Join us AUG 13th @2PM EST.
We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to avoid missing seatings.

I’m looking forward to see you on the webinar!


Guillermo –