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In this letter I want to quickly go over what isn’t GEOFENCING.

(Geofencing isn’t about proximity or for that matter targeting
Areas at least 1-10 miles out.)

With the correct technology you’ll be able to target the EXACT
Location with zero spillovers.

For Example: Let’s say the Yankees are playing the Boston Redsoxs.
Average attendance is about 28,000 and the game is on!

With our technology you could you can target the entire stadium
Using a variety of different avenues GPS, Coordinates, Lat-Long,
Zip and many others you’ll witness live on the webby.

Just look at the many places you can show your ad.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft,Linkedin, AOL, Weather Channel, Glassdoor, Ebay,
Nasdaq, Zillow, USA Today, CBS, Spotify and New York Post…

With over 350,000 audience segments so your ad shows to the
Right people exactly at the right time.

Ok so you have a couple impressions and clicks from the game
What happens now? You can retarget them via any car connected to
Spotify and a few other well known outlets 😉

This is superior level stuff…we’ll just let you do all the charging

Take a moment to RSVP in advance seats will surely fill way
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I have more content on geofencing coming very shortly.

Guillermo –