Houston TX family owned restaurant turns to radio

Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill a family owned restuarant turned to radio
After opening their new location in an upscale neighborhood in Houston, TX.

Gary Adair CEO found himself in a very unique situation…

Gary learned that his customer enjoyed the warm atmosphere, food quality and
Family-friendly environment of the restaurant. Customers did not see skeeter’s as
A fast food restaurant or a traditional chain restaurant.

So what did Gary Adair do? Leverage the positive view customers had
of the restaurant and not only that but he also promoted the authenticity
of their menu and food.

“Radio spots refer to Mr. Adair as the “Mesquit Kind of Houston” and
drive home the point that everything is cooked over real mesquite and
that skeeter’s is a local restaurant.


According to the radio advertising bureau and our partners confirmed that sales
Increased at the existing location at 48% the first year.

After 18 months skeeter’s increased the number of their locations.
Overall sales increases are around 35%!

For a family owned business those are very impressive results. So while so many
Are focused on traditional outlets they took the more unorthodox approx lovely!

OCT 14th 2:00 EST we’ll be introducing the same exact technology they used
Access over 7,500+ streaming stations and podcasts.

To be more specific outlets included IheartRadio, SiriusXMRadio, Univision,
ESPNRadio, Kast and many international stations.

(Doesn’t matter the country or vertical …we encourage all to come out)


We are truly looking forward to hosting everyone live and as we continue to send
These updates encourage you to RSVP in advance as seating will max out.