Below you’ll find an example.

NOTE – Feel FREE to download or simply drag and drop it into a folder.
couple of highlights I want to share with you pertaining to this digital billboard design.

What are some of the first things you notice when looking at this banner?

“You and I know that as consultants pricing is almost always based on the
buyer’s financial situation.”

Banner – 1 $0 DOWN $279 are some of the first key points that
captivate your eye last is the vehicle. It’s a FAMILY car and that’s who
they are speaking to In this photo married couples with kids/travelers etc.

Banner – 2 $0 DOWN $249 It’s pretty much the same but reaches
more of your couple/potentially married with no children or single individual
just looking for a car.

It’s pretty cool to see how these digital billboards can be so effective in the outdoor world. They have the power to REROUTE traffic as long as the offer is 100% on point.

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