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Student Case Study: Meet Mr. X…

In this video you’ll learn step-by-step how I was able to bring  Mr. X $17,500 in under 1 HOUR (possibly less) for his digital consulting agency.

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I Welcome You To Red Torrent Media!

We are a community of over 20,000 consultants actively looking to grow our businesses using only the best automation and lead generations strategies.

Here at Red Torrent Media we develop test and proven strategies not theories …

We go through various different testing phases before a course or software is released to our community members. This ensures quality and massive results for our users.

You aren’t just a member (you are our family!)

We’ve developed a forum and blog exclusively for our members only. Giving us the opportunity to connect, team up, network and plenty more.

Here at Red Torrent Media we also like to explore other avenues that are open for us to get the word out on some of our proven strategies via public speaking.

Not only that but we also develop premium softwares that meets the needs for our consultants in various different markets.

We also occasionally open the doors to our coaching platform giving our users more individual one on one time for us to build together and grow our consulting businesses.

Take a look at some of our students below...

We hand craft everything for our students.
Every situations is different and requires a different
type of plan, strategy and focus.

Below you’ll be able to see some of our most successful students.

Red Torrent Media LLC Coaching Students

We like to look at ourselves as more of a family here...

Here's what some of our students are saying...

"Every situation is unique and should be treated different. Family essence it's what is all about for us. We don't just treat you like a student here. You are our family and that's important to us!  Guillermo -"

When Charisse Craig reached out she was just a single mom and nurse at a local New Jersey medical office. She wanted to take what she already knew in the medical field and create a marketing agency. We gladly made that vision possible for her. After just 2-3 months after working together she launched her own marketing agency in NJ and now actively landing clients.

(Student) Charisse Craig - Jersey City, NJ

Robert wilson like many of our students already was a skilled marketer but was looking to better improve his Facebook ads skills. He was paying way too much For clicks. After following our crafted courses in the ads space he managed to now only lower his cost per click. But he’s not crushing it with facebook ads!

(Member) Robert Wilson - London, England

Sid Lloyd was already doing pretty well with landing clients locally. He wanted to scale up his agency. After purchasing one of our digital courses he managed to triple his client landing rate. (Take a look at the snap shot!)

(Member) Sid Lloyd - Atlanta, Georgia

Jonathan Oshevire! Was one of our actually students. Joshua wanted to leave his 9-5 corporate job and kick start his own digital launch business. After just about 4 months he managed to launch his first product pulling in over 450 sales $10K In revenue. Jonathan has never looked back thanks to our help.

(Student) Jonathan Oshevire - London, England

Derby, Maribel and Andres all local marketers all with several things in common. They wanted to close more, launch and scale out their businesses. After 6 straight intensive months. They’ve all taken off like never before!

(Student) Derby Perez - Odessa, Fl

(Student) Maribel Tobar - Orlando, FL

(Student) Andres Tobar - (Traveler)

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