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Run Hyper Local Geofencing Ads On Any
Digital TV, Audio And Mobile Devices!

Please Note: All Pricing Includes ZERO MONTHLY + LIFETIME ACCESS!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you overseas? email us to process activation. Thank you!

  • Q.What is the minimum per campaign?

    A.We have ZERO per campaign minimum, so you can run as many campaigns as you’d like for yourself or clients.

  • Q.Can I GEOFENCE international?

    A.Absolutely! You can target other countries/locations including hotels, events and plenty more. EU/CANADA + many others are supported here!

  • Q.Do you offer training as part of the platform?

    A.Yes! We have over 10 + pre-recorded videos for you to follow breaking down Set-up, publishing, geofencing, targeting and plenty more. LIVE training is also included.

  • Q.I’m new in space would this work for me?

    A.Yes! 100% as a newbie you’ll find our interface very easy to use
    And the campaign set-up processes are a breeze..

  • Q.Do you have a minimum top up?

    A.Yes we currently do and it’s set at only $75 however you don’t need to top-up each time you form a campaign. It is important you maintain a balance to support your campaign long-term run.

  • Q.What types of locations can I target?

    A.Just about any location with ACTIVE device Stadiums, Events, Schools, Parking Lots And Neighborhoods for you to choose.

  • Q.Do we have access to all traffic exchanges?

    A.Absolutely! You’ll receive access to all exchanges at ZERO monthly! and no hidden cost that includes LIFETIME access.

  • Q.Is this new user friendly?

    A.Yes! we made the process very easy for new members looking to explore. We provide both training and PDF breaking everything you need to know down.

  • Q.When the geofence has been set does this mean traffic will come from the fence?

    A.Yes all we require is a base. So for example let’s say your in Dallas looking to target a dealership down in Arlington. You simply need to choose a base, for this one it would clearly be the U.S if not our system won’t know where to look. When you’ve set-up a FENCE you’ll receive traffic from the fence only based on the types of behaviors, devices and KPI you have setup.

  • Q.Can I target the traffic sources such as sites and apps?

    A.Yes! So let’s say you found a high volume site that’s bringing you
    Tons of leads such as HGTV, ESPN, DALLAS NEWS, CNBC you can scale those sources out as you wish so the traffic comes from these areas.

  • Q.How do we get paid on the white label?

    A.You’ll be paid on the first and 2nd of each month by Red Torrent Media LLC. This isn’t tax free and all forms will be submitted to you PRIOR to any funds being disbursed.

  • Q.What features does the white label come with?

    A.The white label comes with the ability for you to set your own TOP UP, MIN FOR CAMPAIGNS, COLORS PRIMARY & SECONDARY, LOGO, RESERVED URL and STATS! so you can see all activity on your end.